Probably an unusual opinion? I believe it’s good to test yourself when quitting an addiction.

Skeptical Exaddict

Back in 2013 when I quit meth, it was under similar circumstances to my quitting smoking cigarettes last week. I knew the day in advance, planned it, and then stuck to my decision not to use again.

In that case, it was because my ex and her daughter came to stay with us. “Us” being myself and my mother, since my son wasn’t back yet. The thing is, I used to use when I was alone, and to my surprise, one week after she arrived, she went to spend a weekend with a friend. So I was alone again, a whole 8 days after quitting meth. I can’t remember where my mother was, also visiting a friend or something. But there I was, 8 days clean, alone, with time, money and opportunity.

In all past situations, I’d given in to my addiction. “Given in” is the right words, you see…

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